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To ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone, we kindly ask our visitors to adhere to the following rules and policies:


General Admission:

  • Supervision: Children must be accompanied and actively supervised by an adult at all times. For children engaging in specific early childhood programming (such as our AMPed Explorers program), parents / accompanying adult may use our Parent’s Lounge but may not leave the building. Up to two adults may enter at no cost with children’s admission.
  • Age Limit: The center is designed for children aged 0-12 years. Age restrictions for specific areas or activities must be respected.
  • Socks Only: For hygiene and safety reasons, non-slip socks must be worn at all times in the play area. No shoes or bare feet allowed.
  • Health and Safety: Visitors showing signs of illness (fever, cough, runny nose, etc.) are kindly asked to visit us another day.
  • Food and Drink: Eating and drinking are only allowed in designated areas. No gum, outside food or beverages are permitted.
  • Allergies: AMPed Learning Center is a nut-free environment.

Safety and Conduct:

  • Play Responsibly: Engage in safe, respectful play. Roughhousing, bullying, and unsafe behavior are not permitted. Families may be asked to replace equipment and toys damaged due to purposeful inappropriate use.
  • Personal Belongings: AMPed Learning Center is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged personal items.
  • Injury Reporting: Any accidents or injuries must be reported immediately to a staff member.
  • Facility Care: Help us keep the center clean and intact. Please report any damage or cleanliness issues to staff.
  • Capacity: Follow staff instructions regarding capacity limits in play areas or during activities. We maintain capacity limits in order to ensure the safety and enjoyment for all of our guests.


  • Booking: Visits to AMPed Learning Center should be booked in advance online and waivers signed prior to your visit to ensure we have capacity and to streamline the entry process. Members are also asked to schedule their visits online in advance.
  • Cancellation: Please refer to our cancellation policy at the time of booking for details on refunds or rescheduling.
  • Drop-in Visits: We request all visitors to book their visit online in advance to ensure availability. Drop-in visits are allowed as long as we are within our capacity limits (including pre-booked visits where the guests may not yet have arrived).

Photography and Privacy:

  • Consent: Photographs or videos taken within the center should respect the privacy of others. Do not publish images featuring other children without their guardian’s consent.
  • Promotional Use: The playground may take photographs or videos for promotional purposes. Entry implies consent unless otherwise stated at reception.

Liability Waiver:

  • All visitors must sign a liability waiver covering potential risks associated with use of equipment and toys. Parents or guardians must sign for minors.


  • Staff reserve the right to ask visitors not following the rules to leave to maintain a safe and enjoyable environment for everyone.

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