AMPed Boost Homeschool Program

The AMPed Boost Homeschool Program is offered through the AMPed Hybrid Academy at the AMPed Learning Center in Troy, MI. As a supplement to homeschooling, the AMPed Boost Homeschool Program offers project-based learning for homeschool students to augment their learning. Designed to be complimentary to homeschooling, projects will help students apply topics they learn through their own homeschooling programs.

What does AMPed Boost Homeschool Program offer?


The AMPed Boost Homeschool Program is taught by actual teachers with degrees in education. While homeschool co-ops and other homeschool programs often either include parent teaching or have degrees in “their field”, AMPed specifically hires educators.

Why is AMPed focused on using educators for the Boost Homeschool Program? Because your learner isn’t just here to listen to a lecture. Teachers with degrees in education understand how to apply projects and concepts in ways that resonate with and help students understand concepts.


 AMPed Boost Homeschool Program utilizes project-based learning to supplement homeschool education. Students will work on projects during their time at AMPed so they can apply concepts they’ve learned at home and solidify their understanding of concepts.

Other programs offer a variety of classes for homeschool students to choose from as part of their program offering. For families looking for topic-specific classes, they can find them as part of the AMPed Enrichment classes. These classes are offered at different times and are not a core part of the AMPed Boost Homeschool Program.


If you’ve been searching for homeschool co-ops or other homeschool programs, you’ll often find programs that are either religiously-affiliated or affiliated with a school district. The AMPed Boost Homeschool Program is a secular, independent program not affiliated with any other organization. AMPed is also committed to inclusivity, you can read more in our inclusivity statement.

Class Schedule

The AMPed Boost Homeschool Program offers a very simple class schedule. Students attend twice a week for three hours a day. The twice a week schedule helps to reinforce learning better than once a week. Elementary age students (K-4th grade) attend Monday/Wednesday from 1 PM – 4 PM, middle school age students (5th-8th grade) attend Tuesday/Thursday from 1 PM – 4 PM and high school students (9th-12th grade) attend Tuesday/Thursday from 4 PM – 7 PM.

Testing Requirements

AMPed Boost Homeschool Program is not affiliated with a school system, and therefore students that attend the AMPed Boost Homeschool Program are not required to participate in state standardized testing.

Tuition and Fees

We feel that tuition and fees should be simple and clear. Tuition for the AMPed Boost Homeschool Program for the 2024/2025 school year is $2,775. Payment is due each semester, with payment plans available. There are no other fees.

Comparing homeschool program options is complicated due to the vast differences in offerings (weeks per year, class offerings and more). When standardizing on an hourly basis, other popular programs in the area average around 12-19% more than the AMPed Boost Homeschool Program, with added fees on top of that.

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