Lower Elementary School

Kindergarten through 2nd Grade

At AMPed, our Lower Elementary cohort is based on the way kids ages 5-8 actually learn.  By doing!  They’re using hands-on activities for everything.  From reading to math to social skills.  The goal of our lower elementary cohort is to establish a love of learning, a positive sense of self, and the skills they need to collaborate with their peers and adults for the rest of their lives.  Once you believe you CAN learn and do hard things, the sky is truly the limit.  Unless you become an astronaut of course…

We build literacy, STEAM and SEL into everything they do, so don’t be surprised if your AMPed student comes home and says something like, “We didn’t do any school work today, we just worked on our investigation all day.”  Shhh… that investigation entailed reading, writing, math, social studies, problem solving, science… Everything! 

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