VELA Micro Grant Recipient

AMPed Academy is excited to be a VELA Micro Grant recipient! VELA is a national, nonprofit fund that invests in everyday entrepreneurs – students, parents, educators, and community leaders – who are envisioning new approaches that meet learners’ and families’ needs.

We look forward to using this micro grant to expand access to our inclusive, individualized, and innovative program to more K-8th grade students in the Metro Detroit area. Schedule a tour today to see why students and families love AMPed Academy!

AMPed Hybrid Academy
Farmington Hills Campus
28611 W 12 Mile Rd
Farmington Hills, MI 48334

K-8th Grade Private School

AMPed Hybrid Academy is a Kindergarten through 8th grade private school offered in both a hybrid format (2-3 days/week) and full time format. A personalized educational experience allows students to reach their full potential, especially if they’ve struggled in traditional school settings.

Boost Homeschool Program

For homeschoolers, AMPed offers the AMPed Boost Homeschool Program, which supplements homeschool education through project-based learning twice a week.

AMPed Summer Semester

June 24th – August 15th, 2024

Avoid the dreaded summer slide! Whether your student is a current AMPed Academy student or attends another school, help your child get a headstart for the upcoming year with a fun and educational summer semester at AMPed Academy. We work with students and parents to identify areas to focus on, while projects make learning fun, reinforces concepts and prepares students for the upcoming year.

Schedule a tour today to learn how a Personalized Education Plan, project-based learning and small, mixed-aged classes can help your child reach their greatest potential!

Children's Mental Health Workshop Flyer

Join Jamie McHale, LLMSW, in a mini workshop about children’s mental health.  What’s normal?  When should I be worried?  How can I deal with TANTRUMS? 

Come away with tools and skills you can implement right away.

This workshop inlcudes FREE addmision for open play at AMPed Learning Center on the day of the event.

Reimagining K-8 Education

  • Project-Based Learning
  • K-8 private school
  • Highly trained teachers
  • Small, mixed age cohorts
  • Personalized Education Plans

Enrichment Classes

  • Classes for infants through adults
  • Virtual classes include all supplies delivered to you
  • STEM, Art, Literacy, Foreign Language and MORE
AMPed Learning Centers Logo

Playspace and Co-Working

  • Infants to elementary age
  • Open play
  • Birthday parties
  • Enrichment classes
  • Parent’s lounge

Christie Bazydlo
Christie Bazydlo
My son and I have been using AMPed services for the last 4-5 years. (Since the beginning) From summer enrichment courses to individual tutoring, Anne-Marie and her team have helped my son learn, grow, and gain so much confidence with his schooling. I can not say enough good things about how amazing and helpful the services are. I recommend AMPed Learning to anybody and everyone that expresses concerns for their children's learning. Thank you doesn't express my gratitude enough!
marcia marshall
marcia marshall
AMPed teachers are amazing!
Adele Myszenski
Adele Myszenski
Professional; experienced; cares about each child and parent; a very supportive environment.
Wendy Y
Wendy Y
Best thing I could have done for my kids! Truly believe AMPed was there when we needed help the most. My kids first received individualized sessions starting September 2021 when they were struggling to keep up due to challenges with remote learning and catching up on missed work due to illness. My son also experienced attention deficit and anxiety symptoms worsening during this time. I’m not sure that he would’ve been able to graduate high school last year without the support he received in math and other subjects. My daughter, now 13, has new found confidence academically and is thriving. She has even participated in some of the summer programs to help review math concepts and reduce learning loss (without complaining). Thank you AMPed Academy!
Ksymena Godin
Ksymena Godin
I truly wish that more parents knew about this school and the amazing things that they are doing. For years I have struggled and felt like there is no place for my son who is bright, funny, creative and determined. There was no setting that actually welcomed his creativity and curiosity let alone encouraged it and used it to help excel his learning. I always thought that I was all set due to my background in the educational setting and that I would be able to navigate the school setting. This is the first program that I have come across that embraces the whole child and not only educates them but encourages them to be their best self. We are thankful for Anne Marie and the AMPed family. I would encourage any parent that has struggled with the education setting and have felt like every program out there is just not quite the right fit to explore this school and see if its the right fit for their child.
Rachel Lauren
Rachel Lauren
For years, we have struggled with my ten year old son's education. Countless meetings, conversations, back-and-forth, and yes, even fights that left everyone involved frustrated and defeated. He HATED school, and not in a typical "every kid dislikes school" kind of way. It stressed him out more than words can say and exhausted him beyond belief, because he learns differently than other kids and needs something different than the "status quo." He never felt like he could get ahead and never truly felt like he could learn the way he needs to. Enter AMPed Education. I had my first experience with AMPed bringing Evie to a play group there and I fell in love with the entire program. I am truly blessed to have the work-life balance and the resources needed to be able to send him to AMPed. It's a hybrid academy centered around project-based learning and meeting students where they are at. We are there two or three days a week, and he's home the rest of the time. He has both individual and team projects to keep him focused and learning even from the comfort of his own kitchen table! On his "school" days I even get a quiet place to work in their parent's lounge, which comes with coffee and very little distractions so that I can get my own work done. AMPed Hybrid Academy is run by a wonderful individual who happens to be the most amazing educator I've ever met, and she has a team of fellow educators who truly work with each student to come up with a plan that works for them, and a path forward. Thank you, @ampededucation and @ampedlearningcenters, because we truly could not do this without you.
Amanda Younger
Amanda Younger
Ms. Anne-Marie has a unique approach to education and you won't be disappointed. Outside of the box thinking and attention to the individual needs of each child are just what is needed to take education to the next level!

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