Middle School

6th through 8th Grade

The students in our middle school cohort are starting to figure out exactly what kind of learner THEY are.  Their teacher will often say things like “Make a note of this, in whatever way YOUR brain likes it.”  Or, “start thinking about the best way you can show us what you have learned about this topic.”

Middle school is a time of incredible change for kids.  At AMPed, we know that when we give tweens the independence they want, in safe and age-appropriate ways, they feel a sense of ownership in their education.  Passion projects help them explore their interests, learn to plan and prioritize tasks,  and realize just how much they’re capable of accomplishing.

Another important part of middle school at AMPed, is understanding the famous “you don’t know what you don’t know what you don’t know.”  There’s a HUGE world out there that tweens are just starting to open their eyes to.  AMPed teachers are committed to being a supportive guide as they navigate who they are, and what they can become.

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