AMPed Hybrid Academy Tuition

Please see the below table for tuition for the 2024/2025 school year at AMPed Hybrid Academy.

Lower Elementary
Upper Elementary
Middle School

There is also a $1,200 per school year supply fee for all cohorts, which covers all books, supplies, an iPad, keyboard and stylus to use. There are no registration fees or any other required fees.

AMPed Hybrid Academy Middle School

Financial Aid

AMPed Hybrid Academy provides financial aid for families that qualify. Financial aid is not a loan, it’s a reduction in tuition and does not need to be repaid. Contact us to learn more about financial aid that may be available.

Payment Plans

Tuition is due each semester, but monthly payment plans are available, including a 12 month payment plan to simplify payments. For students that enroll mid-semester, tuition will be pro-rated for the semester.

Payments are made through an application called Sawyer, which allows you to pay by EFT or credit card. Sawyer allows you to view past and upcoming bills and payment history.

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