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AMPed Education, including AMPed Learning Centers, AMPed Enrichment, and AMPed Hybrid Academy, is committed to inclusivity and embraces students and staff of all ethnicities, sexual orientations, gender identities, races, and abilities to join us.  AMPed Education is a secular organization that promotes social and racial justice and celebrates the diversity of our students and staff.

As we strive to become allies to the people of global majority in our diverse communities, we know that we must always be willing to listen, learn, and change in order to have the greatest impact. For this reason, AMPed Education welcomes the feedback from any members of such communities in an effort to do the most good. 

AMPed makes every effort to support and accommodate individuals with disabilities of all kinds.  This includes the inclusion of sensory friendly spaces within our physically accessible facilities , utilizing alternative methods of communication and information distribution, as well as nurturing strong relationships with other area organizations that can provide specialized support to the families we serve. 

AMPed and all of its campuses, both in-person and virtual, are considered safe spaces for the LGBTQIA+ community.  We are gender affirming and support loving families of all shapes, sizes, and varieties.  AMPed welcomes everybody, in every body.

AMPed is dedicated to anti-racism efforts within our organization and our greater community.  We strive to amplify under-resourced voices so that we may share the work of advocating with them and for them in a productive and supportive manner.

AMPed is a secular organization that recognizes the significant role religion plays in the lives of some of its participants.  We teach about the multitude of belief systems in our world in an objective format, emphasizing the importance of tolerance as well as social and racial justice for all.

This is a living document that will evolve over time as we continue to learn more about how to best support and serve the families in our organization.  If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions on how we can best promote inclusion in our community, please contact us.

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