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AMPed was founded by Anne Marie Palazzolo (whose initials form the basis for the AMPed name!) and is proud to be a woman-owned business. Anne Marie started her business tutoring students at a local library, then took her business online during the pandemic. Over the following years, AMPed continued to grow and evolve, with one-on-one private education and small group enrichment classes. Anne Marie’s background in special education and her own experience with family members with special needs helped her realize how the traditional educational system often made it difficult for students to succeed.

In 2023, Anne Marie realized her dream of opening her own school, with the goal of bringing a high quality, personalized approach to education. Unlike any other school in the area, AMPed Hybrid Academy strives to support students of all abilities, particularly those who have struggled to find success in traditional settings. Anne Marie recognizes the benefits of project-based learning for all learners, and believes every student deserves to have a Personalized Education Plan to guide their education in a way that best supports them.

AMPed continues to grow and find new ways to support students and families in ways that traditional offerings can’t offer. Whether it be through the AMPed Hybrid Academy, AMPed’s numerous virtual and in-person enrichment classes, or AMPed Learning Centers, Anne Marie and the entire AMPed team continue to bring individualized, inclusive and innovative offerings to the Metro Detroit area.

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