Is AMPed Hybrid Academy just a homeschool co-op?

Kids STEM imageThe AMPed Hybrid Academy is a private school, independent of state funding and requirements. For homeschool families, AMPed offers the Boost Homeschool Program, which offers project-based classes designed to augment home learning. Both the AMPed Hybrid Academy and the Boost Homeschool Program are taught by real teachers.

For students in the Academy, teachers work with parents to establish a Personalized Education Plan (PEP) for each student, and the Academy takes the lead role in carrying it out. For students in the Boost Homeschool Program, parents are responsible for leading their child’s education, and classes are designed to supplement concepts learned at home.

Teacher Qualifications

Homeschool co-ops are not required to employ teachers. Often times, parents serve as teachers or facilitators. As a private school, founded by a special educator, AMPed employs highly trained and experienced teachers, most with advanced degrees in their field.

Standardized Testing

As a private school, fully independent of state and federal funding, our students are free to participate in standardized testing, or forego it.  Families using state dollars to pay for homeschool co-ops are required to take all NWEAs and other state assessments.

Parent Involvement

On the days students are at home, parents are NOT tasked with micromanaging their learning, hovering over them to ensure they complete their list of assignments.  Students are NOT stuck in front of a screen for hours on end, completing meaningless tasks and watching countless videos.  Students ARE taking charge of their own learning.  They’re putting time and energy into their passion projects.  They’re working on skills that they, along with their PEP team, decided they needed to focus on.  They’re utilizing the programs, materials, and curriculums they and their PEP team chose for them based on their learning style, goals, needs, and interests.  If they need help, they can contact an AMPed teacher from their provided iPad for help, on the spot.

Exceptional Students

While homeschool co-ops and many private schools are unable to accommodate the needs of students with exceptionalities including disabilities and giftedness, AHA is well equipped.  The PEP ensures that each student is getting what they need and striving for goals realistic for them.  The special educators on staff spend time in every classroom, co-teaching and supporting the needs of all students.  With only 12 student max to a class, learners are able to build authentic relationships with staff and their peers more easily.

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