4 things you should consider before homeschooling 

Sep 12, 2023 | Homeschooling

1.) Planning

While the options for customization seem almost limitless in homeschool, narrowing it down to just a few curriculums or programs can feel overwhelming.  A big reason many families consider homeschooling in the first place is because the “one-size-fits-all” approach of traditional school isn’t working for their child.  But designing the customized approach that each child needs can be a big undertaking.  Taking time to lesson plan, decide what work to assign, and what pacing to use helps keep everyone on track and things running smoothly. There are professionals that can help with this.  Educational Consultants, hiring a private teacher, pursuing testing for your child to help determine their learning style and needs with a psychologist, or purchasing a premade curriculum. All of these can help guide you in finding the right plan for your child, and keeping you on track.

2.) Time

The extra time families get to spend with their homeschooled children is certainly a benefit, but the balance of work and teaching for some families is a challenge.  Before deciding to homeschool, make sure you have the time and energy to devote to being your child’s primary teacher.  Once you’ve determined the right curriculum for your child, planned it out for the school year, and ordered all the materials, you’ll have to devote time daily to teaching, managing, and assessing your student’s learning.  For some families, this is done by a stay at home parent or other adult in the household.  For other families, this has to be juggled with work obligations, other children, and responsibilities.

3.) Cost

The cost of homeschooling can vary widely.  From free, to thousands of dollars per semester depending on the curriculum and resources you choose to use.  The internet offers countless free resources for homeschoolers, but organized and structured curriculums usually require at least some financial investment. Workbooks, textbooks, science supplies, online subscriptions, extra curricular programs, and other costs all come into play. Another factor to consider is the lost income caused by leaving the workforce or reducing your hours to devote enough time to homeschool.  For many professionals, leaving their field can mean missed promotions and raises that can set them back even after they return to work.

4.) Personalities

Each child and parent relationship is different, and so too is their homeschooling model.  Consider the personalities of both the adult and child when deciding if homeschool is the right choice for your family.  Does your student thrive in groups, or do they prefer to do things alone?  Do you like to stick to a schedule and follow a plan or “see where the day takes you?”  What about your student?  Do they feel the same, or different?  Does your child need a quiet space to work at a desk or can they study anywhere?  All these things and more can have an impact on the success of your homeschooling journey.  Being open and honest with your child, speaking with people who know you well and can offer some insight, and taking time to consider all your options will help ensure your success.

AMPed Hybrid Academy, and other microschools like it, provides an educational experience that provides the best of both worlds.  The flexibility, customization, and hands of learning of homeschool, with the collaboration, structure, and teacher led learning of traditional school.  Started by a past homeschooling mom and teacher, AMPed Hybrid Academy understands both the benefits and the challenges of homeschooling.  Learn more about AMPed Hybrid Academy and see if it’s right for your learner.

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